Bathing Suits for Summer 2011

If there one thing no girl should go without during the summer, it’s a bathing suit (well, and flip-flops too). Thankfully, no matter what your preference or body type, there is the perfect bathing suit out there for you. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the time people struggling with shopping for bathing suits, so I have picked out some things that are not only in style, but are flattering for many different body types.

Bright Separates

Bright Seperates

Victoria s Secret bikini swimwear, $24, Gossip Collection bikini bathing suit, $42, Old Navy polka dot bikini swimwear, $16, Old navy swimwear, $15, Old Navy bandeau bathing suit, $23, Victoria s Secret bikini swimwear, $24, Dorothy Perkins bandeau bathing suit, 14 GBP, JETS by Jessika Allen bikini bathing suit, 20 GBP, Vix padded bandeau bikini, $72, JETS by Jessika Allen nylon bikini, $93, Bandeau swimwear, 9.99 GBP, Bikini bathing suit, $20, Old navy bathing suit, $20, Old navy bathing suit, $18, String bikinis swimwear, $20, Bikini bathing suit, $30, Dorothy Perkins bikini swimwear, 10 GBP, Bandeau swimwear, 12 GBP, Bikini bathing suit, $20, Ruffled Halter Top, $7.99, Ruffled Lowrider Bikini Bottom, $7.99

One trend that I have noticed that is really popular is mixing and matching super bright separates. Now, I know this is something that a lot of people can’t think about doing, but it’s nearly fool-proof! Pick a top in one color and a bottom in a contrasting color (think: lemon yellow and royal purple; navy blue and Kelly green, hot pink and Kelly green, coral and aqua, etc.) and voila- a super cute swim suit! While wearing two really bright colors might seem kind of weird at first, I think a lot of people will soon realize just how much fun this trend is. Don’t all these swimsuits just scream summer? I don’t know about you, but just looking at them makes me feel like I belong on white sandy beaches.

Matching Prints

Patterned Bathing Suits

Victoria s Secret retro swimwear, $14, Bikini swimwear, $15, Floral print bikini, $44, Victoria s Secret victoria secret swimwear, $25, American Eagle Outfitters bikini bathing suit, $20, American Eagle Outfitters bandeau swimwear, $20, Old Navy retro bathing suit, $18, Old Navy retro bathing suit, $18, Old navy swimwear, $20, Billabong bikini swimwear, $40, Roxy bikini swimwear, $34, O Neill bikini beach swimwear, $26, Mix Match bikini swimwear, $30, Roxy bikini, $36, Billabong bikini swimwear, $35, Old navy swimwear, $20, O Neill bikini beach swimwear, $24, Striped Rope Triangle Top, $13
If mixing and matching isn’t your thing, wearing a bathing suit that has a matching print is perfect for you. Obviously, unlike my last option, this doesn’t require any guess-work, just picking out the top and the bottom that goes together. However, just because you are picking out matching pieces does not mean you should shy away from bright colors or prints! In What a Girl Wants, one of the characters says, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” This phrase is one that I firmly believe by. Plus, if you are going to basically be baring it all, you might as well flaunt it!


Finally, if you can’t stand the thought of either one of my other ideas, vintage is a huge trend for bathing suits this summer. Personally, I love the old-fashioned style, with lots of ruffles, frills, and floral print. Plus, the high waist bottoms, the classy one-pieces and balconet style tops flatter fuller bodies beautifully. Unfortunately for us college students, vintage styles tend to run a little more expensive, but there are still plenty of affordable options available.

What do you guys think? What are you going to be wearing on the beach or poolside this year?


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